Adult Protective Services And Public Administrators/ Guardians/ Conservators : Support $4.6 Million State Funding for Training
Updates Issued In May 2022

Budget Priority

Our Coalition of the undersigned respectfully urges your support of the budget proposal by the California Elder Justice Coalition (CEJC), California Commission on Aging (CCoA), County Welfare Directors Association of California (CWDA) and California Association of Public Administrators/Public Guardians/Public Conservators (CAPAPGPC) to build upon the existing, and effective, APS Training Program. Specifically, we support investing $4.6 million State General Funds (GF) on an annual basis to continue and build upon the existing statewide training of social work staff in the APS program and to County Public Administrators/Guardians/Conservators (PA/PG/PC). Without this investment, the current training program will be dismantled, leaving the APS and PA/PG/PC workforce unprepared to protect abused and neglected older adults and persons with disabilities.