The CalWORKs program – California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids - provides cash assistance to families with children who need help with housing, food, utilities or clothing, as well as welfare-to-work activities for adults, such as looking for a job, attending job training, or furthering their education. It is California’s version of the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, TANF, program. In California, more than 530,000 families receive assistance through the CalWORKs program.

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CalWORKs Strategic Initiative – Working Toward Serving Families in a Holistic Way

CWDA has recently launched a two-year project called the CalWORKs Strategic Initiative to transform the CalWORKs program into a comprehensive program that better meets the needs of individual families and supports families in a more holistic way.


CWDA Child Care Use Survey

Child care is an important service available to parents in the CalWORKs program. In summer of 2016, CWDA conducted a survey of more than 400 CalWORKs parents to better understand their child care arrangements. This follwing brief provides the results of that survey.

Child Care Utilization in the CalWORKs Program - June 22, 2016

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Evaluation of the SB 1041 Reforms to CalWORKs Program

The California Budget Act of 2012, through a trailer bill known as Senate Bill (SB) 1041, contained significant reforms to the CalWORKs program. The SB 1041 reforms to CalWORKs aim to engage participants in more-intensive work activities as early as possible, while also providing more flexibility in work activity options and increased incentives for work as participants move toward self-sufficiency.


Work Participation Rate Best Practices Webinar

CWDA hosted a webinar in May 2015 designed to share best practices for improving a county’s Work Participation Rate.