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Blog post Cathy Senderling-McDonald

House GOP Plan would Dismantle the Medicaid Program
Leaves Taxpayers on Financial Hook & Abandons Federal Government's Responsibility to Provide Basic Level of Health Care

“Keeping America Healthy” – that’s the motto of the Medicaid program, established more than 50 years ago to provide health coverage to low-income people. The program – one of the largest insurers in the nation – has seen dramatic improvements in eligibility processes, health care delivery and access in the seven years since the Affordable Care Act was signed. Medicaid – known as Medi-Cal in California – today covers 1 in 3 Californians, counting 14 million children, adults and seniors on its rolls.

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California Youth Connection Releases CCR Tool Kit

California Youth Connection’s Policy Team is excited to announce the release of their CCR Tool Kit that they are sharing with partners!

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Step Up Coaliton Resource Family Approval Toolkit

The Alliance for Children’s Rights, the Step Up Coalition, and a wide range of state and local partners has released a Resource Family Approval Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help walk caregivers through the newly implemented Resource Family Approval process.


2017-18 Budget Updates

CWDA issues Budget Updates that include information about the Governor’s proposals, budget subcommittee actions, Budget Conference Committee actions, leadership negotiations, and Governor’s vetoes. 

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Blog post Cathy Senderling-McDonald

Join Us in Saying “YES” to Coverage and to Health
“NO” to the House AHCA Legislation

Seven years ago, today, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, marking the start of dramatic improvements in health care delivery and access for millions of Americans. For decades, our county eligibility staff had to tell people “No,” they weren’t eligible for coverage because they had no children, no disability, income that was a little bit too high. In California, the new law let our county staff tell nearly everyone, “Yes! You qualify for health care.” The ACA opened doors to coverage for millions, including the state’s highly successful Medicaid program expansion, which now covers 3.7 million adults, as well as the additional 1.5 million covered through Covered California, our state exchange.