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Governor Makes it Clear: Child Sex Trafficking Victims are Not Criminals
Senate Bill 1322 is Critical Step in Children’s Recovery and Healing

SACRAMENTO – Child welfare agencies, children’s attorneys and community providers are praising Governor Jerry Brown today for signing Senate Bill 1322, which sends a strong message to children who are victims of sex trafficking: You are not a criminal.


Facts about Child Welfare in California and the Critical Fixes Needed to the Family First Prevention Services Act for Our Children

The Family First Prevention Services Act has a laudable goal: preventing child abuse and ensuring that children are being raised with loving families, instead of in group homes. It’s a goal that California counties, foster youth and advocates support, too.

Unfortunately, in a rush to push the legislation through Congress without any meaningful debate or reasonable amendments, the needs of individual children and their caregivers – especially relatives – are being lost. If passed as-is, Family First will compromise the ability of child welfare systems and their community partners to keep children safe and secure.


California Receives Federal Grant to Enhance Adult Protective Services

California is among 13 states receiving a grant for its Adult Protective Services (APS) system to address the abuse, neglect, and exploitations of older adults and people with disabilities.


Governor Signs AB 1702 to Protect Sexually Exploited Minors
New Legislation Allows Additional Safeguards for Sexually Exploited Children and Youth

California children who are sexually exploited received additional protections when Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on August 17 allowing courts to deny reunification to parents or guardians who knowingly participated in, or permitted, the sexual exploitation of a child who is brought into the child welfare system. 

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Governor has Opportunity to Make it Clear: There’s #NoSuchThing as a Child Prostitute

A 14-year-old girl is raped. Repeatedly. Law enforcement arrives on the scene. Officers determine there is reasonable cause the crime of rape occurred. This child has been raped and sexually abused by multiple people in just 24 hours. They then arrest … the child.

Wait.  What?  Confused?