Agency and Landord Work Together to Find Orange County Family a Permanent Home
Homeless just before Christmas due to overcrowding in their small room, family turns to HSP for help.


The small room was overcrowded and not what they wanted for their family. But it’s what Jorge and Diana could afford for them and their two children, ages 8 and 2, on their limited income in Orange County, where safe, affordable housing is hard to find for struggling families. Just before Christmas, they were told they had to leave their room; their home. The overcrowding was a problem. With nowhere to go, the family contacted the County of Orange Social Services Agency’s CalWORKs Program for assistance. The county worked with Mercy House to provide the family temporary shelter.

Meanwhile, their HSP case manager diligently worked to help the family find a home. Rental applications were repeatedly denied because of the family’s limited rental history.

The case manager then connected the family to a landlord who has enthusiastically welcomed HSP families due to a strong relationship with the Orange County agency. The landlord had several positive experiences and success in assisting HSP families just like Jorge, Diana and their children.

In addition to helping the family find and secure a home, the family has received other HSP assistance from the agency, such as help paying for utilities and basic furniture including a refrigerator and beds. Jorge’s landscaping job is providing income for the family and case managers are working with them on financial literacy and budgeting to manage their finances. “They are a hard working family.  I have faith in them,” the case manager said.

Orange County has served 69 families through the Housing Support Program. Demand among homeless children and families continues to exceed available affordable housing. HSP has proven to be a meaningful investment in addressing the needs of Orange County’s homeless families and subsequently, promoting a more promising future for families and their children.  


Orange County HSP client Diana and her daughter