Meeting Dates


Meeting Dates

CWDA’s members hold regular monthly meetings to discuss policy and practice issues. Meetings are for association members. 

All meetings are held in Sacramento. Members should refer to memos distributed by CWDA and committees each month for committee meeting locations. Members can contact the CWDA office to request to be added to committee rosters or for meeting locations.


2022 CWDA Meeting Dates

CalFresh, CalWORKs, Child Care and Medical Care Committees will meet on the following dates:

  • January 6
  • February 10
  • March 3
  • April 7
  • May 5
  • June 2
  • August 4
  • September 1
  • November 10

Adult Services, Children’s Services, Executive, Fiscal, Information Technology, Self Sufficiency and Twenty Small will meet on Thursday of the dates listed below. The Board meets the following day (Friday).