The CalFresh program provides monthly benefits to assist low-income households with purchasing food and is one of the most critical poverty-fighting programs in communities. Known federally as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, it is open to eligible legal noncitizens between the ages of 18 and 65. In California, nearly 2.5 million households receive CalFresh assistance to supplement their budgets.

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USDA Proposes Policies to Improve Healthy Food Options for Low-income Families, Taking Comments

Lack of access to healthy food options is a reality that many families in low-income neighborhoods face. The 2014 Farm bill required the USDA to develop rules that would require retailers accepting SNAP benefits to provide a greater offering of “staple food groups,” including fruit and  vegetables, dairy, grains, and meat, poultry and fish.


California Selected for National SNAP to Skills Project

California has been selected as one of 10 states to participate in the new “SNAP to Skills” project, designed to improve and expand local employment and training programs. 


California Receives Federal Bonus for CalFresh Program Access Improvements

The California Department of Social Services and CWDA announced today (October 13) that California has been awarded a bonus of $6.4 million from the federal government for improving access to the CalFresh Program for low income individuals and families. 


California Continues to Improve SNAP Participation Rates

In February, the USDA-FNS released its annual estimate of SNAP Participation in its report, “Reaching Those in Need: Estimates of State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation Rates in 2013.”  In California, estimates continue to increase every year; for FY 2013, the estimated rate is 66 percent. This percentage reflects yet another year of growth in our state’s participation rate, which has increased by fifteen percentage points since fiscal year 2010.


CalFresh Data Dashboard Webinar

This webinar, held December 1, 2015, discussed changes being made to the CalFresh Data Dashboard, including the newly developed Program Reach Index, PRI, a measure of participation that attempts to account for undocumented immigrants and those on SSI. 


CalFresh Payment Accuracy Rate Best Practices Webinar

The CalFresh error rate is an important performance measurement in the quality control process for the program. Three counties shared best practices for lowering error rates in this webinar from July 2015.