County human services fiscal staff provide essential financial, administrative, planning, program, and policy support to their local agency. They develop and monitor the agency’s budget and are responsible for payment and revenue claiming services for the agency. 


GASB 87 Recording – August Fiscal Committee Meeting

Recently released Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 87, Leases, outlines new requirements for lease accounting for governmental entities with significant impacts on financial statements.

The CDSS Fiscal Policy Bureau provided an overview of the impacts of GASB No. 87 to counties at the August CWDA Fiscal Committee meeting. This is a recording of that overview.

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2021-22 Budget Tracking List

​The May Revision included an increase of $50.3 million ($25.16 million GF) in 2021-22 to the 2019-20 funding level based on the projected increase in the California Consumer Price Index. This amount is slightly less than what was proposed in the GB due to an update of the CPI at the May Revision.

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Immigration Resources

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Approved Relative Caregiver (ARC) Calculator

This workbook has been designed by county staff as a tool for eligibility workers to calculate ARC benefits with minimal manual calculations and table lookup, as well as to minimize manual reconciliation by county fiscal staff.

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Allocation Matrix

This document provides a summary of the allocation methodologies used each fiscal year to distribute county administrative funding for Medi-Cal and various human services programs. 


County Expense Claim – Guidelines and Procedures

This county expense claim manual was developed by state and county staff to assist counties in preparation of the county administrative claim.

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Historical 1991 Realignment Caseload Growth Summary

This document provides 1991 Realignment caseload growth funding amounts by county by program dating back to 1994.


1991 Realignment Presentation

This presentation on 1991 Realignment was given to the CWDA Board on February 10, 2017 as primer for understanding the impacts of the proposed IHSS MOE Elimination in the 2017-18 budget. 


2013 Realignment Seminar Materials

CWDA hosted a seminar in November 2013 that provided an overview of the structure of 1991 Realignment and 2011 Realignment, with particular focus on human services programs and the changes to 1991 Realignment made under AB 85 and SB 98; information and tools to assist in revenue and growth projections; and discussion of funding opportunities and possibilities presented by realignment. 


APD Claiming Training Presentation

This presentation is intended to provide counties information on how to claim approved APD’s. It was given in December 2013.