Father & Kids Gets Another Chance at Life Together Thanks to Butte County HSP
In less than a year, formerly incarcerated man gains custody of kids, finds job and a safe home.


After three years of incarceration, 27-year-old Steve was determined to turn his life around for good. A single father, he immediately began the process of regaining custody of his two children who had been in foster care. Within just a few months, he had full care and custody of his children.

But stable and safe housing is not easy for someone with a criminal history. He and his children stayed with a relative for a short time before finding a spot in a transitional housing program that also offered a sobriety program and other services to meet the requirements of probation and keeping his family together. When the transitional housing program came to an end, Steve and his children moved a few more times, including staying with a relative and then another living facility. But none of the places were long-term, suitable fits for his children or for a father working to provide a safe place for his family.

In early 2016, Steve learned of Butte County’s Housing Support Program. He became fully engaged with his case worker and began seeking long-term permanent housing for himself and his children. He landed a job with a local automotive repair shop. By March 2016, Steve and his case manager were able to locate an apartment that was only four miles away from his children’s school. Previously he had been using public transportation to make a 25-mile trek to his children’s school. The HSP helped the family pay the initial rent, housing and utility deposits, and also provided each person a bed of their own, a first for them.

Steve has since transitioned off public assistance due to his employment – his transformation has been remarkable. In less than one year Steve has gone from active incarceration to raising his children with self-sustaining employment and stable, safe housing. Butte County HSP case managers have spoken to Steve several times since he has been off assistance and he remains happily in the same place, grateful for the opportunities, support and guidance. 

Butte County has safely housed 144 families thanks to the HSP program.