Adult Protective Services Budget Request Materials
Coalition Seeks $100m to Help Elders, Dependent Adults Facing Homelessness

Budget Priority

The APS Program has a long and successful history of working with California’s most vulnerable older and dependent adults. APS workers understand their needs and the program is connected to other systems and partners familiar with serving this unique population. With the requested resources and strategies outlined in this proposal, the APS Program will be able to expand to meet the needs of the growing aging population, and to enhance case management to address the growth of both senior homelessness and those with cognitive impairments. Intensive APS services will prevent re-abuse and reduce costs borne by law enforcement, health care, and society.

Fact Sheet on APS Proposal

Coalition Letter to Assembly Budget Sub 1

Coalition Letter to Senate Budget Sub 3

AB 2302 (Arambula) As Introduced 2-14-2020