Child Care Eligibility For Abused, Neglected Children In Foster Care

Budget Priority

CWDA is requesting support for a proposed statutory clarification related to the calculation of foster care grants for children receiving services through the subsidized child care system. This change is needed to ensure abused and neglected children receive appropriate child care and development services without delay.

Specifically, the proposal would clarify that a foster care grant is not considered as income nor counted for purposes of family fees when determining eligibility for child care subsidies. Current California Department of Education regulations require that children both have a need and an income determination. Once this occurs, children are placed onto a waiting list for child care subsidies based on their relative need. The concern under this current process is that for children in foster care, a foster care grant (which only covers basic board and care costs) may place them with higher income than other children, therefore delaying, if not denying, their access to subsidies.