CWDA-SEIU Budget Memo re CalHEERS and Medi-Cal Eligibility
Joint memo calls for greater legislative oversight

Budget Priority

It is critical for the Legislature to understand the shortcomings of CalHEERS and inordinate delays in developing functionalities that are considered to be a baseline for most eligibility systems. Specifically, our organizations ask that you adopt trailer bill language that: (1) specifies a timeline for known eligibility-related issues to be fixed, (2) provides greater accountability on the part of the Administration for delays and workarounds, (3) sets forth a more inclusive, statutory governance process for the system, and (4) suspends the onset of county penalties until needed eligibility fixes have been implemented.

CWDA-SEIU Budget Memo to Assembly Budget Sub 1

CWDA-SEIU Memo to Senate Budget Sub 3

Attachment: County Workarounds and Defects