CWDA, SEIU California Urge CalWORKs Budget Restoration

Budget Priority

CWDA and SEIU State Council have issued memos to the chairs and members of Assembly Budget Subcommittee 1 and Senate Budget Subcommittee 3, urging their restoration of a proposed $248 million cut from the CalWORKs Single Allocation, which funds eligibility activities, employment and supportive services, and child care to CalWORKs recipients. The cut proposed in the May Revision is $50 million higher than that included in the January budget and represents a 13.3 percent cut to the current year funding level. This reduction is on top of a $160 million reduction to the Single Allocation that counties have already experienced in the current year, and if adopted, would result in a 21.2 percent reduction to the funding over two years.

CalWORKs May Revise Memo to Assembly Sub 1

CalWORKs May Revise Memo to Senate Sub 3