Increase CalWORKs Applicant Earned Income Disregard
Despite Inflation, Minimum Wages Increases, Inadequate $90 Disregard Has Not Been Updated Since 1998

Budget Priority

As the Governor and Legislature continue to grapple with the state’s homelessness and housing issues, many policies have been implemented in order to encourage employment and give our poorest families a better opportunity to create self-sufficiency. Many working poor families already live on the cusp of needing social services and safety net resources. Increasing the CalWORKs Applicant EID to align it with the with the increases already approved for the CalWORKs Recipient EID, will allow more working families to become eligible for CalWORKs and receive supportive services such as childcare, transportation, employment services and homeless prevention services, which in turn will promote economic mobility and housing stability.

CWDA/County of Los Angeles Budget Memo to Assembly Budget Sub 1

CWDA/County of Los Angeles Budget Memo to Senate Budget Sub 3