Information on COVID-19 Outbreak
Materials Released by CWDA and Trusted Partners

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CWDA is developing a clearinghouse of information from trusted partners, including state and federal agencies, as well as materials produced by counties related to COVID-19. 

Please check back regularly as materials will be added as we receive them!



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State-Issued Materials

California Department of Public Health: Essential Workers

CDPH Clarification on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers


California Department of Health Care Services: Medi-Cal Eligibility-Related Materials

MEDIL I-20-08 - 4-13-2020 – Follow up to MEDIL I-20-07

DHCS ACWDL 19-01 Public Health Crisis Exceptions

DHCS MEDIL I 20-07: Access to Care During Public Health Crisis – In response to Governor’s 3-19 Executive Order


California Department of Social Services: Disaster Assistance for Immigrants

Fact Sheet on Disaster Relief for Immigrants Program Announced on 4-15-2020 by Governor Newsom.


California Department of Social Services: In-Home Supportive Services Materials

ACL 20-42 - Initial Assessments Guidance (4-16-2020)

ACL 20-40 - Emergency Paid Sick Leave for Providers (4-14-2020)

ACL 20-32 - Additional Information on Provider Enrollment, Hours Authorization (4-10-2020)

IHSS ACL on Back Up Providers (3-30-2020)

IHSS All County Letter ACL 20-26 (3-24-2020)

IHSS PML 3-19-2020

IHSS PML 3-16-2020

IHSS PML 3-12-2020

CDSS COVID-19 Notice to IHSS Providers

CDSS COVID-19 Notice to IHSS Recipients


California Department of Social Services: CalFresh, CalWORKs and Related Programs

ACWDL re CF/CW Collections – ACWDL Implementation of Temporary Changes to Tax Intercepts and Collections for Former Recipients

ACWDL on CF Online EBT – ACWDL Implementation of EBT Online Purchasing (4-14-2020) 

ACWDL on CF EA – ACWDL Implementation of Emergency Allotments for CalFresh Recipients as Authorized by Federal Relief Package (4-2-2020)

ACWDL re 3-17 EO - ACWDL Implementation Of Executive Order N-29-20 Regarding Eligibility Redeterminations And Time On Aid Limits (3-27-2020)

CDSS ACWDL: CalFresh, CalWORKs & Related Programs – ACWDL Regarding CalWORKs, CalFresh, Housing and Homelessness Programs, RCA, and RSS (3-12-2020)


California Department of Social Services: Information Re Housing and Homeless Services Programs Overseen by CDSS

ACWDL on Housing and Homeless Programs Operated by CDSS - 3-19-2020


California Department of Social Services: State Hearings Division: Hearings Moving to Phone-Based Only

CDSS State Hearings Letter - COVID-19


California Department of Social Services: Child Welfare and Foster Care Materials

ACL 20-33 on Placement Preservation Guidance (3-31-2020)

CWS Emergency Response Guidance 2-28-2020 (3-28-2020)

CWDA ACL 20-25 - 3-21-2020 - Providing Optimal Child Welfare/Probation Services During COVID-19 State of Emergency (3-21-2020)

CDSS ACL - Child Welfare and Probation COVID-19

CWDA Courtesy Supervision List 4-2-2020

Attachment: Online Class Access for Current and Former Foster Youth


California Department of Social Services: Adult Protective Services Materials

CDSS APS PML - 3-17-2020 – Supersedes Prior PML

CDSS PML on Adult Protective Services - COVID-19

Attachment: Expanded No In-Person Response Guidance


Department of Health Care Services: Materials Issued to County Behavioral Health Agencies and Behavioral Health Providers

Information Notice 20-009: COVID-19 Guidance for Behavioral Health Programs

COVID-19 FAQ for Behavioral Health

COVID-19 FAQ for Narcotic Treatment Programs


Department of Child Support

The department has issued a number of information bulletins for recipients and payees, available at their COVID-19 website here.


CalSAWS Materials

C-IV Materials: Electronic Signature Usage

C-IV Electronic Signature Transmittal

C-IV Electronic Signature Job Aid


CalWIN: Refresher Information on Using Electronic Signatures in MyBenefitsCalwin

 CalWIN Refresher: MyBenefitsCalWIN Electronic Signature Capacity


Federal Materials

USDA: SNAP (CalFresh)

USDA Blanket Waiver Adjusting SNAP Interview Requirements (3-26-2020)

USDA Guidance and State Plan Template Re: AB 6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020

USDA Implementing Letter on ABAWD Time Limit Waiver Re: AB 6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020


Administration for Children and Families Guidance

ACF Guidance on Child Welfare Court Processes During Pandemic – 3-27-2020


USCIS: Seeking Coronavirus Care Will Not Affect Public Charge

USCIS Public Charge - COVID-19

COVID-19 FAQ for Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers and Psychiatric Health Facilities


Materials from Partner Organizations

CWDA-WCLP-CAFB-CFPA Fact Sheet on Emergency Allotments for CalFresh Recipients

Advocates Joint Emergency Allotment Fact Sheet 4-2-20


SSI Coalition Information on SSI/SSP Recipient Access to CARES Payments


CSAC-CHEAC Letter to Governor Regarding Coordinated Response to COVID-19

CSAC-CHEAC Feb 28 Letter to Gov Newsom


County Association Letters Seeking Clean 1115 Medicaid Waiver Continuation

County Letter on 1115 Waiver to State

County Letter on 1115 Waiver to Congress


California Reinvestment Coalition: Protect Yourself from Scams


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


California Immigrant Policy Center


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