State Budget Update #3 Legislature Reaches 2021-22 Budget Deal

Budget Priority

Last night the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees each voted to approve a 2021-22 budget agreement reached earlier this week between the two houses. Because the Senate and Assembly are already in agreement and have adopted identical budget plans, there will be no Budget Conference Committee this year. The focus now turns to negotiations with the Governor to reach a three-party budget deal that can be voted on by the full Senate and Assembly by the required June 15th deadline for the Legislature to adopt a budget. 
Because of the volume of issues being considered – the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) noted that there were over 400 new proposals and programs introduced in the May Revision – and the complexity of many of those issues, combined with the fact that the Administration has not yet released its proposed trailer bill language for some of its May Revision proposals, it is not certain that the Legislature and the Governor will have reached full agreement on every issue before June 15th, and potentially even before the start of the new fiscal year. We are expecting that some issues could have funding included in the final budget plan that is adopted, pending the outcome of negotiations on the policy that continue into June or over the summer. The funding for other issues may not be included at all in the budget package that is enacted by July 1, pending continued policy development and negotiations over the summer.