Addressing Food Insecurity Among IHSS Consumers

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation
Addressing Food Security

How can counties utilize existing program structures to maximize the wellness of their communities? In an effort to target hungry seniors and people with disabilities, the San Francisco IHSS program is partnering with the San Francisco Office on Aging and the San Francisco–Marin Food Bank to create an innovative program that collects food security data while bringing weekly supplemental groceries to IHSS consumers in need. The presentation described the impetus for the project, the planning process, and impacts on consumers and county staff, as well as program outcomes to date.

Addressing Food Insecurity Among In-Home Supportive Services Consumers

  • Megan Elliott, IHSS Program Director, San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • Linda Lau, Nutritionist, Department of Aging and Adult Services, San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • Diana Markley, Director of Programs, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank