The CalWORKs Strategic Initiative

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation
Strategic Initiative

California counties have partnered with Mathematica Policy Research, EMPath (formerly Crittendon Women’s Union), the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and Global Learning Partners on a multi-year project that will help create the CalWORKs of the future – CalWORKs 2.0, while also clarifying and simplifying the program as it exists within today’s regulatory framework. This innovative, co-creative project will build knowledge, focus on improving program quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, and help with immediate policy and program decision-making while building the capacity for continual improvement. This workshop included information about the work of this exciting project, the team, and opportunities for involvement.

Envisioning the Future: The CalWORKs Strategic Initiative

  • Michelle Derr, Senior Researcher, Mathematica Policy Research
  • Erin Horgan, Senior Policy Analyst, CWDA
  • Ruthie Liberman, Vice President for Public Policy, Economic Mobility Pathway (EMPath)                                            
  • LaDonna Pavetti, Vice President, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities