Common Core 3.0

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation
Common Core 3.0

The goal of the presentation was to provide participants with an overview of the supervisor’s role in Common Core 3.0 (CC3.0) training and how supervisor training will align with the goals of CC3.0 and the California Child Welfare Core Practice Model. Participants left the presentation with a better understanding of the blended training opportunities for new workers and supervisors; the critical role of the supervisor in the transfer of learning process; and how supervisors will be prepared to support new social workers. Participants also explored the role and expectations of the supervisor, as well as heard stories from the field that provided insight into some of the successes and challenges with balancing training, supervision and transfer of learning to the field. 

Common Core 3.0: Supervisor Training and the Integration of Field-Based Learning

  • Jennifer Cannell, Training and Curriculum Specialist, CalSWEC
  • Melinda Iremonger, Training and Curriculum Specialist, CalSWEC
  • Elizabeth Wroughton, Research and Evaluation Analyst, CalSWEC