Connecting the Dots – Innovative Collaborations to Address Homelessness in Monterey County

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation

This workshop will highlight the development and evolution of Monterey County’s unique partnership between law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, Behavioral Health, medical services and domestic violence services to address the needs of homeless clients. It will focus on the accomplishments of the Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Team (MDOT), spearheaded by an initial collaboration between the Monterey Police Department and Monterey County APS.
In addition, members of MDOT participate in a broader Monterey PD Community Action Team (CAT) that encompasses other agencies providing services to the homeless community. In addition to improving collaborative efforts to serve the homeless population, the MDOT has resulted in increased collaboration and communication between APS and Monterey PD on cases involving housed elders and dependent adults. The workshop will also include information about Navigator University, a series of classes launched as a pilot program in 2018 and expanded into a 16-hour course in 2019. This effort, developed by a collaborative team led by APS, is focused on providing tools and resources to homeless service providers and other professionals as they assist homeless clients navigate from homeless to housed. This workshop will demonstrate the partnership between the Monterey PD sergeant who leads the MDOT, the APS Social Worker with decades of experience serving elders, dependent adults, and the homeless population, and the APS Supervisor and Program Manager who oversaw the project’s implementation.

  • Travis Beye: Social Work Supervisor II, Monterey County/Adult Protective Services
  • Fawn Mackey: Social Worker III, Monterey County/Adult Protective Services
  • Jake Pinkas: Sergeant, Monterey County/Monterey Police Department

Download Monterey County's Homelessness Presentation