Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence:
Enhancing Programs and the Customer Experience

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation

Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance (DHA) and Technology (DTECH) have embraced a collection of new business intelligence technologies and innovations to improve program management with data supported decisions.

The combination of real-time operational awareness and rapidly available reporting provide both management and staff the information needed to provide a high level of customer service and department wide efficiencies. The Sacramento Homeless Information Network Ecosystem (SHINE) launched in October 2017 and has changed the way DHA and its partners provide services to customers experiencing homelessness in Sacramento County. This session will provide an understanding of the social service and technical collaborative process that led to the creation of SHINE and the recommendations of how to use technology to better design homeless service programs.


  • Reddy Gurram, IT Division Chief, Sacramento County Social Services Agency
  • Kin Lau, IT Manager, Sacramento County, Department of Technology
  • Julie Field, Human Services Program Manager, Sacramento County
  • Meghan Marshall, Flexible Supportive Rehousing Manager, Department of Human Assistance, Sacramento County

Download Data Warehouse Part I

Download Data Warehouse Part II