Ending the Stigma that Affects Senior Benefit Enrollment

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation
Closing CalFresh Gap

One in three older adults are economically insecure. Despite the availability of public benefit programs that can help meet basic needs and improve economic security, such as CalFresh, older adults are under-enrolled. The National Council on Aging presented on its findings from a recent report, An End to Stigma: Challenging the Stigmatization of Public Assistance Among Older Adults and People with Disabilities that examines the challenges stigma poses and provides recommendations for overcoming it. The California Department of Social Services presented on strategies to boost CalFresh participation among California seniors, within the context of lessons learned in other states. Additionally, the CalFresh branch provided an update on new program changes to increase enrollment and maximize benefit retention.

Ending the Stigma that Affects Senior Benefit Enrollment: Closing the CalFresh Participation Gap

  • Leslie Fried, Senior Director, National Council on Aging
  • Brandy Bauer, Communications Manager, Economic Security, National Council on Aging
  • Alexis Fernandez, Policy Section Chief, California Department of Social Services