It Doesn’t Stop Here – Wrap Around Services After Housing Placement

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation

An overview of the steps from Homelessness to stability and what we are doing as county to continually strengthen our programs, transition customers and fill gaps (priority referral process into Expanded Subsidized Employment, post housing placement case management services through Housing Authority, housing retention services, use of Eligibility Clerk’s for outcome tracking, utilizing statistics to drive competition to meet Federal Benchmarks, etc.). We have had some challenges in these areas that can be shared with other agencies as to what we have done to overcome these challenges and measure the effectiveness of homelessness services

  • Dr. Andrew Williams: Mental Health Services Administrator, Department of Behavioral Health, Riverside University
  • Margaret Adkins: Social Service Planner, Riverside County
  • Eric Ellis: Interim Regional Manager, Riverside County
  • Tanya Torno: Senior Development Specialist, EDA- Housing Authority

Download the Wraparound Services Presentation