Shifting the CalWORKs WTW Service Delivery Paradigm

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation
Shifting CalWORKs

In addition to regulatory changes, the passage of AB74 in 2013 provided funding for enhanced services and programs to address multi-barrier CalWORKs families. San Francisco CalWORKs is in the process of making program and staffing changes to effectively administer the Family Stabilization program, Expanded Subsidized Employment, Housing Support Program, and Online CalWORKs Assessment Tool (OCAT). As a result of this strategy, the county is aiming to achieve a 50% work participation rate across the entire CalWORKs Welfare to Work caseload. In this session, attendees learned how the county is re-engineering the way services and programs are delivered and its use of social work specialists as all-family case managers to support program outcomes. 

Shifting the CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work Service Delivery Paradigm

  • Terri Austin, CalWORKs Welfare to Work Administrative Manager, San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • Florence Hays, CalWORKs Welfare to Work Manager, San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • Tony Lugo, CalWORKs Welfare to Work Services Director, San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • Anna Pineda, CalWORKs Program Manager , San Francisco Human Services Agency