Using Prop 47 to Remove Barriers

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation
Prop 47

Having a criminal record is among the most common reasons why people are denied employment in California. This barrier can pose an even greater challenge for CalWORKs participants who are working toward self-sufficiency. The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act of 2014, also known as Proposition 47, reclassified six non-violent, non-serious, non-sexual offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. This change has opened doors for many people who were ready and willing to work but were unable to secure employment due to their old criminal records. This workshop included information on how Proposition 47 can be used to help remove barriers to employment for people moving from welfare to work.

Using Proposition 47 to Remove Barriers to Employment and Self-Sufficiency for CalWORKs Participants

  • John J. Bauters, Director of Government Relations, Californians for Safety and Justice
  • Ingrid Archie, Beneficiary of Proposition 47