Year One of the Housing Support Program

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation
Housing Support

As we enter the second year of the CalWORKs Housing Support Program, we know that one of the most critical components of a successful program is a strong partnership between the human services agency and housing providers. In this session, we will explore some of the partnership lessons learned in year one. Housing Support Program counties and housing providers will share their successes, their challenges, what changes they plan to make to their program going forward, and other useful tips and ideas they’ve gathered throughout the year. This session is designed for current and new housing support counties, housing partners, and others with an interest in the Housing Support Program.  

Lessons Learned in Year One of the Housing Support Program

  • San Bernardino County Presentation
  • Santa Clara County Presentation
  • Tuolumne County Presentation
  • John Bauters, Policy Director, Housing California
  • Rebecca Espino, Program Manager, Tuolumne County Human Services Agency
  • Gilbert Ramos, Assistant Director, Transitional Assistance Department, San Bernardino County Human Services
  • Maria Razo, Deputy Executive Director, Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino
  • Vivian Wan, Associate Director, Abode Services, Allied Housing & HIP