CalWORKs Strategic Initiative – Working Toward Serving Families in a Holistic Way

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CWDA has recently launched a two-year project called the CalWORKs Strategic Initiative to transform the CalWORKs program into a comprehensive program that better meets the needs of individual families and supports families in a more holistic way.

The project provides county human services agencies and CWDA an opportunity to assess the many program and policy changes that have occurred in the CalWORKs program in recent years under the direction of the Legislature and Governor and identify programmatic components that should be woven together in response to those changes.

Counties are partnering with national leaders known for their expertise in designing and executing two-generational programs. Partners include Mathematica Policy Research, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Crittenton Women’s Union. These experts are charged with designing and developing a package of tools, curricula, performance metrics, and web-based facilitation of best practice sharing among counties that can then be implemented by counties to improve outcomes for children and families.

Updates on the CalWORKs Strategic Initiative will be available on the CWDA website as they become available.