Foster Parent Recruitment, Retention, and Support (FPRRS) Funding Opportunity Menu Of Strategies

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As a part of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) efforts, counties are working to strengthen foster parent, resource family and relative caregiver retention, recruitment, training requirements and strategies. This work comes not only out of efforts counties have already been doing but also from recommendations in a detailed CCR Legislative Report that was developed and provided to the California Legislature in January 2015. The following document is Foster Parent Recruitment, Retention, and Support (FPRRS) Funding Opportunity Menu of Strategies.

The recommendation in the report on FPRRS  envisions these caregivers to be active partners with public child welfare workers and service providers, and as such must also be provided with the necessary supports to retain them. To support this recommendation, funding has been made available for counties to invest in activities to retain and increase the number of foster parents, relative caregivers and resource families available for placement of court dependent minors and non-minor dependents.

Download the Menu of Strategies.