February 2017

Federal Update

Congress, federal agencies, and Washington as a whole are reeling over the fat-paced and often unclear and radical pronouncements made by President Trump during his first weeks in office. With little to no policy input or advance notice, federal agencies and congressional Republican leaders have found themselves deciphering and defending multiple executive orders, including an Inauguration Day order to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act and a sweeping immigration order denying admission to the U.S. of immigrants from a number of countries and stopping refugee admissions for at least 120 days.

And, most recently, a leaked draft executive order would extend the reach and power the of the U.S. to deny admission to the U.S. if the individual is likely to become a ‘‘public charge,’’ by using federally supported programs, including health care and social services.

Updates in the CWDA February Federal Update include the latest on:

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Repeal
  • Draft Executive Order on Public Charge
  • Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA)

Read the CWDA February 2017 Federal Update.