2020 Sponsored Legislation


CWDA is sponsoring or cosponsoring several bills this legislative session. We will update this page as bills are introduced, and add fact sheets and sample support letters in this section.

PLEASE NOTE: For the 2019-20 Session, most legislative committees ask that letters be submitted via the online Advocates portal, rather than via email or fax. The portal can be found at: https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/  and you will need to create a profile before submitting letters on behalf of your organization.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Legislature has voted to recess until April 13. All hearings scheduled between March 16 and April 3, when the Legislature was already scheduled to recess for Spring Break, have been canceled/postponed.

Governor’s Letters should be submitted to: leg.unit@gov.ca.gov


Active Bills


AB 1929 (Rubio) – Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Status: Pending hearing in Assembly Human Services Committee

Extends permanently the existing authorization for up to 10 counties to establish an on-line reporting system for abuse and neglect reports that meet prescribed conditions. Such reports may only be made in circumstances where the child is not subject to an immediate risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation and that the child is not in imminent danger of severe harm or death.

Co-Sponsored with the County of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

AB 1929 Fact Sheet

AB 1929 Co-Sponsor Letter to Assembly Human Services Committee


AB 1979 (Friedman) – Improving Housing Services for Non-Minor Dependents

Status: Pending hearing in Assembly Human Services Committee

Changes state law to improve the availability of host families and temporary housing options for non-minor dependents in the extended foster care program, in order to reduce homelessness and improve housing stability for young adults in this program.

Cosponsored with the Alliance for Children’s Rights, Children Now, the Children’s Law Center, First Place for Youth, and GRACE

AB 1979 Co-Sponsor Letter to Assembly Human Services Committee

AB 1979 Coalition Letter to Assembly Human Services Committee

AB 1979 Sample Support Letter to Assembly Human Services Committee


AB 2302 (Arambula) - Reduce Senior Homelessness:
Expand and Enhance Adult Protective Services

Status: Pending hearing in Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee

Makes a number of changes to current Adult Protective Services (APS) law to better support elders and dependent adults struggling with housing insecurity and homelessness by: 

  • Providing more robust case management services 
  • Reducing the age of eligibility for APS services from 65 to 60
  • Increasing funding in the Home Safe program to allow more counties to participate and existing participating counties to receive more funding
  • Making grant funds available for counties to expand Financial Abuse Specialist Teams

AB 2302 Fact Sheet

AB 2302 Sample Support Letter to Author


AB 2413 (Ting/Wiener) – The More CalFresh, Less Hunger Act

Status: Pending hearing in Assembly Human Services Committee

Makes changes to CalFresh state policies and county business practices in order to increase participation in the CalFresh program, which provides nutrition benefits to reduce hunger among low-income individuals and families. Specifically, the bill:

  • Ensures consistent statewide verification processes that are no more stringent than federally allowed.
  • Streamlines reporting requirements to reduce paperwork burden on clients and improve county processing.
  • Leverages the Medi-Cal program by ensuring that applicants can also apply for CalFresh at the same time and providing pre-filled CalFresh application forms to Medi-Cal families renewing eligibility who appear eligible for CalFresh.
  • Expanding the use of identified best practices in administration statewide, including use of text messaging to remind clients of reporting deadlines as well as employing more flexible ways to schedule required interviews.

AB 2413 Fact Sheet

AB 2413 Sample Support Letter to AHS