2023 Sponsored Legislation


CWDA is sponsoring or cosponsoring several bills this legislative session. We will update this page as bills are introduced, and add fact sheets and sample support letters in this section.

PLEASE NOTE: For the 2023-24 Session, most legislative committees ask that letters be submitted via the online Advocates portal, rather than via email or fax. The portal can be found at: https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/  and you will need to create a profile before submitting letters on behalf of your organization.

Governor’s Letters should be submitted to: leg.unit@gov.ca.gov


Active Bills


AB 366 (Petrie-Norris) County Human Services Agencies: Workforce Development

Status: Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee (hearing date pending).

Takes steps to address employment needs in county human services agencies by:

1) Creating new career pathways for recruitment of staff to work in county human services agencies, many of which are currently experiencing a high vacancy rate among critical positions serving local communities across a variety of programs.

2) Expanding existing social work stipends to community college students.

3) Enacting needed changes to county human services recruitment requirements undertaken in conjunction with the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR). 

This bill is accompanied by a $35 million General Fund budget request for the 2023-24 budget act.

AB 366 Fact Sheet


AB 386 (Nguyen) – Enhancing Financial Abuse Investigations by Adult Protective Services (APS)

Status: Passed Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee 11-0 on March 21, 2023. Next referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee (hearing date pending).

Would enhance the ability of county Adult Protective Services program staff to protect clients and investigate reports of financial abuse, by:

1) Increasing the time frame for records to be obtained from a client’s financial institutions, from 30 days before and after the alleged incident to 90 days before and after.

2) Expanding the type of information a financial institution must provide to include applications for bank cards, change of address requests, and powers of attorney and trust documents.

AB 386 Fact Sheet

AB 386 (Nguyen) Sample Support Letter


SB 408 (Ashby) – Meeting the Complex Needs of Foster Youth and Their Families

Status: Double-referred to Senate Health and Senate Human Services Committees. Hearing dates pending.

Would improve services to youth with the most complex needs, by:

1) Establishing a new Short-Term Assessment, Therapy and Transition program (STATT) in order to provide services and supports in a safe and licensed setting to youth who would otherwise be left without placement options and potentially be housed in non-licensed settings for a period of time.

2) Creating Regional Health Teams for  diagnostic assessment, direct care and support for youth with the most complex needs who are in crisis.

3) Expanding the allowable uses of existing complex care funding and and making the funding ongoing instead of one-time.

This bill is accompanied by a $43.3 million General Fund budget request.

Co-Sponsored with the Chief Probation Officers of California

SB 408 Fact Sheet

SB 408 (Ashby) Sample Support Letter