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This section will be updated with tools and resources for county human services agencies relating to the Affordable Care Act, including fact sheets on the number of people receiving Medi-Cal in California, briefings from policy and research organizations on the positive effects of the ACA, as well as how repealing the ACA would devastate Californians and the economy.

County human services agencies are charged with fighting poverty and helping people achieve self-sufficiency. We know the people covered by the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion and the tremendous difference health care has made in their lives, including how having affordable health care has allowed them to spend their incomes on rent, food and other basic needs, which also supports local economies.

The following resources are intended to provide background on the latest efforts to repeal the ACA, and help convey the message of why CWDA and our partners strongly urge that any action to repeal the Affordable Care Act preserve the Medicaid expansion and be coupled with an adequate, timely replace­ment that ensures the same level of quality benefits and that no one loses health coverage, or experiences an increase in costs or reduction in coverage.

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ACA Repeal Effect in California

Federal Budget Reconciliaton Process

January 20, 2017 Executive Order on Obamacare

On the same day as assuming the Presidency, Donald Trump issued an Executive Order directing his executive staff to take a number of actions regarding the ACA. Read the Executive Order and information about its effect below.