CWDA Preliminary Reactions To May Revision – Oppose Proposed May Revision Cuts to Human Services Programs


Although the backup detail will not be available until Tuesday, May 14th, we want to provide you with our initial reactions to the Governor’s May Revision proposal based on the information available to us so far. The County Welfare Directors Association (CWDA) has
significant objections to the revised budget released on Friday, which effectively reverses ten years of programmatic investments and gains made across the entire range of human services programs. No human services program area is spared – the California Work
Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs), Child Welfare Services, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), CalFresh, and Adult Protective Services programs, as well as housing programs, including Bringing Families Home, Home Safe, and the Housing and Disability Advocacy (HDAP) programs are all impacted. The May Revision includes elimination of services and supports that have proven essential to supporting children, families, and older adults in recovering from the Great Recession and during and after the
COVID-19 pandemic. The burden of solving a statewide budget deficit is falling heavily on the most vulnerable Californians.