The CA Master Plan for Aging: What it Means for Your Community


Panelists will provide an introduction to California’s Master Plan for Aging. Audience members will learn why the governor called for the creation of such a plan; how aging is changing the state, and thus should be considered when making policy, program, and service delivery decisions; and how the MPA can be a model for local planning to ensure that every community is a community for people of all ages. Presenters will focus on housing and its intersection with health; ensuring equity in aging; and affording aging, including preventing older adult homelessness. Presenters will share priority areas of opportunities for local governments and agencies to consider for age-friendly community and program planning. Only a unified, coordinated effort can provide a response on the necessary scale — combining a bold vision, detailed strategies, and the partnerships necessary to promote healthy and equitable aging for all Californians. Presenters will emphasize the importance of coordinated efforts with all California Department of Social Services Programs and how to be involved.

  • Amanda Lawrence – CA Department of Aging Master Plan for Aging Project Director

  • Terri Shaw – TLShaw Consulting/California Department of Aging Consultant to the CA Master Plan for Aging

  • Kimberly Gallo – County of San Diego’s Health and Human Services Agency Director of Aging & Independence Services