Clone of Sacramento County Cultural Broker Program: Navigating the Child Welfare System and the Critical Need for Culturally Responsive Advocacy


The Sacramento County Cultural Broker (SCCB) Program is specifically designed to address issues of African-American disparities and disproportionality in the child welfare system. The presentation will demonstrate how the model can: 1) Reduce Entry Rates 2) Increase Kinship Placements and 3) Reduce Length of Time in Care (Time to Reunification). Additionally, the presentation will highlight that working alongside community, stronger safety nets are built, there is an enhanced ability in engaging fathers, linkages to culturally responsive services and how the model lifts up the need for equity in services for African-American families.

  • Kim Pearson – Sacramento County/Department of Child, Family and Adult Services (DCFAS) Division Manager

    Tiffany Glass – Sacramento County/DCFAS Human Services Program Planner

  • LaDonna Lee – Sacramento County/Better Life Children Services Cultural Broker

  • Margo Santana – Sacramento County/Rose Family Creative Empowerment Center Cultural Broker