Enhancing the Call Center Experience Through Technology


San Bernardino implemented our Call Center on August 11, 2011. With caseloads increasing, staffing levels remaining static and the need to evolve with technology, we decided to chop our overgrown Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tree down and plant a new seed to meet our current demands. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology was now available based on the decreased cost and our goal was to develop a modern system that would create a customized experience, provide critical case specific information without being asked and streamline the process to speaking with an agent. This was accomplished with the introduction of three Automated Assistants (BOTS)

Jared Kuester – Contact Center Team Lead CalSAWS C-IV project

James Locurto – Assistant Director San Bernardino County, Transitional Assistance Department

Ariana Michel - Deputy Director San Bernardino, Transitional Assistance