Enhancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Human Services: Creation & Ongoing Implementation of CWDA’s DEI Plan


Developed during 2021, CWDA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan is a multi-year effort that addresses needs within the organization, in support of our human services department members and their teams, and in partnership with the broader community. Learn about the development and adoption of the plan, key details included in the plan, and efforts underway to implement the initial priorities. Perspectives include CWDA Executive Director Cathy Senderling-McDonald, Tulare County Human Services Director Anita Ortiz, and Co-Executive Director of the Unconscious Bias Project, Dr. Linet Mera.

  • Cathy Senderling-McDonald – CWDA Executive Director

  • Anita Ortiz – Tulare County HHSA Director of Human Services

  • Alexis Krohn – Unconscious Bias Project Co-Executive Director