Fathers Matter: Collaborating with Communities to Re-imagine Father-Focused Engagement & Service


San Joaquin County’s 2019 County Self-Assessment illuminated a gap in father and paternal relative engagement. Therefore, SJC developed a Father’s Initiative as a System Improvement Plan Strategy comprised of several elements. A primary component of this custom-designed initiative included the development of a community-based workgroup that collaborates to develop and expand father-focused services; improve paternal engagement and outcomes; and build local awareness and appreciation for the roles fathers play in the family and community. Session will highlight the development and implementation of SJC’s Father’s Initiative and its Father-Focused collaboration with First 5 San Joaquin and community-based organizations.

Justian O’Ryan, MSW – Special Projects Supervisor, Continuous Quality Improvement San Joaquin County/Children’s Services Bureau of Human Services Agency

William Lattimore, Sr – Special Projects Supervisor, San Joaquin County/Mary Magdalene Community Services

Jovanna Vialdores – Contracts Analyst, San Joaquin County/First 5 San Joaquin

Gus Pacheco – Director of Prevention Services and Lead Family Coach, San Joaquin County/Parents By Choice