Love and belonging: Keeping California children connected to their families, communities, culture…


The Center for Excellence for Family Finding, Engaging and Support, launched this year to support county efforts in embracing a family-centered, kin-first culture. While we have been creating workforce development products to support this movement, we have also been busy learning from counties about what is already working and what barriers they have faced. The Center for Excellence has partnered with Think of Us to conduct Research Sprints in four California Counties. This workshop will share key findings, discuss implementation challenges, and share information on how your county can enhance efforts in the transformation to a kin-first culture; one that preserves each child’s sense of love, belonging, and self-identity and keeps them connected to their families, communities, culture, and tribes.

RaQuel Neal – Child Welfare Specialist, FFP UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education – Human Services

Sixto Cancel – Chief Executive Officer Think of Us

Joshua Boykin – Foster Youth Advocate California Youth Connection

Angie Schwartz – Deputy Director CDSS