Riding the Wave to Go Live


Big and exciting changes are coming for the CalWIN counties! We are off and running with Wave 1 counties (Placer and Yolo) migrating to CalSAWS on October 31. Waves 2 through 6 begin migration in February and continue through October 2023. This session describes the activities to prepare for Go Live – Organizational Change Management and Web-Based and Instructor-Led Training. We will also explore Post Implementation Support, including the Project Support Plan for in-person and virtual support, the purpose of the Command Center, how it will work, and how communications will flow between the Project and the counties.

  • June Hutchison – CalSAWS Customer Engagement Section Director

  • Ashley Arnold – CalSAWS/Sacramento County Consortium Training Manager

  • Helen Cruz – CalSAWS/Riverside County Change Management Lead

  • Mary R. Sabillo – CalSAWS/Sacramento County CalWIN/CalSAWS Project Manager