Sacramento Black Child Legacy Campaign


In Sacramento County, and across the nation, African American children die at nearly twice the rate of children of other races. Issues such as low birth weight, prematurity, infant sleep-related deaths, child abuse/neglect and third party homicide contribute to the increased child death rates. Many of the factors that lead to infant and child death are preventable. Thanks to the commitment of leaders across sectors—grassroots, education, civic champions and philanthropy—long-term, place-based efforts to catalyze systemic change are taking root in communities throughout Sacramento County. Designed to advance equity through policy and systems change, the Black Child Legacy Campaign is a collective impact model with promising outcomes. Our presentation will focus on: – The value of public private partnerships – Sierra Health Foundation’s role as a trusted backbone agency – Grassroots organization connection with the Rose Family Creative Empowerment Center – Uplifting coordination based on mutual respect for all partners – Recognition of each player’s strengths and contributions to the process – The necessity of cultural brokers in supporting families – Sharing power/power dynamics

  • Shelley Dyer – Sierra Health Foundation and The Center Senior Program Officer

    Yolanda Stevenson – Rose Family Creative Empowerment Center Director, Social Services & Program Manager

  • Linda Fong-Somera – County of Sacramento / First 5 Sacramento Commission Human Services Program Planner

  • Michelle Callejas – Sacramento County Department of Child, Family and Adult Services Director