Supporting Families Experiencing Homelessness Across County Programs and Agencies


Aligning housing assistance and services with county programs has become a game-changer for responding to the array of needs impacting families experiencing homelessness. Expansions in federal and state support for both housing and services offer opportunities to drive positive changes in counties, and the lives of children and families. Creating a more streamlined, equitable, and accessible county human services array is more critical than ever to strengthen families’ well-being. Presenters will elevate strategies to increase partnerships, and leverage new and existing federal and local housing and services resources to maximize family impact, including CalWORKs Housing Support and Bringing Families Home.

  • Jannine Lambert – County of San Luis Obispo, Department of Social Services Program Manager, CalWORKs and Housing

  • Britney Page – Family Care Network Housing Navigator, Housing Support Program

  • Corrin Buchanan – California Department of Social Services Assistant Director of Housing and Homelessness