Using Performance-Based Contracting and Active Performance Management to Deploy Recovery Funding Effectively and Efficiently


How can local governments ensure that they are deploying funding to programs that will improve outcomes for clients? Social Finance, in partnership with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) CalWORKS and Family Resilience Branch, will share resources and toolkits on outcomes-based contracting and performance management for social services programs and how they can be used to maximize the impact of new funding streams and existing resources. The session will feature representatives from San Bernardino and Napa counties who will share how they have used these tools and resources in their jurisdiction to get better results from their contracted services.

  • Ryan Gillette – Social Finance Director, Public Sector Practice

  • Kristina Meza – California Department of Social Services Chief, CalWORKs and Family Resilience Branch

  • CaSonya Thomas – San Bernardino County Assistant Executive Officer, Human Services

  • Shanna Gardner – Napa County Supervising Staff Services Analyst