CWDA Applauds Biden Administration’s Reversal of Cruel, Trump-Era Public Charge Policy

Press release

For Immediate Release 
September 8, 2021 

Sacramento, CA – The County Welfare Directors Association (CWDA) of California released the following statement from Executive Director Cathy Senderling-McDonald today after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security finalized a regulation reversing a Trump-administration rule that denied green cards to beneficiaries of certain public programs: 

“CWDA enthusiastically supports the Biden administrations’ new ‘public charge’ rule, which will cancel the previous administration’s cruel and racist regulation.  

“Despite being held up in the courts, the previous administration accomplished much of what it intended: striking fear in immigrant families and deterring too many from seeking the support they need to be healthy, well-fed, and sheltered.  We know we have work ahead to overcome the chilling effect Trump’s harsh policy had on families’ well-being and we are committed to this crucial and compassionate work.

“As we work on the front lines every day connecting Californians vital services that enable them to thrive, we welcome policies that enable immigrant families to come out of the shadows and access support with nutrition, health care, and housing.”