CWDA Commends Regional Homelessness Council Recommendations
Executive Director Frank Mecca Sits on Expert Panel that Released Recommendations on January 13, 2020

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For Immediate Release
January 13, 2020

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CWDA Joins Governor Newsom’s Council in Call for

Urgency, Prevention on Homelessness Emergency


Sacramento, CA – County Welfare Directors Association of California (CWDA) Executive Director Frank Mecca joined Governor Newsom’s Council of Regional Homelessness Advisors in recommending a 40-point Comprehensive Crisis Response Strategy and obligation for all levels of government to substantially reduce homelessness. Mecca was appointed as a member of the Council by Governor Newsom in July 2019.

“The Council’s findings are both a clear call for all levels of government to commit to dramatically reduce homelessness and a reasonable framework to achieve that goal,” Mecca said.  “The Council’s call for all levels of government to do everything we can to help unhoused Californians secure a safe place to live reflects the urgency of today’s crisis.  As with any partnership, success depends on a clear delineation of responsibilities among all parties and the resources necessary to achieve the goal of significantly reducing homelessness.”

CWDA also echoed the Council’s call for “making homelessness prevention, targeted to those most likely to fall into homelessness, a major focus as we continue our work in 2020.”   Mecca added, “Even as our county human assistance departments work diligently to deliver supportive services and housing to people experiencing homelessness today, poverty and astronomical housing prices are forcing more Californians out of their homes than we can bring into shelter.”

To that end, CWDA lauded the Council’s inclusion of additional housing subsidies, tenant protections, and requirements for siting extremely low-income housing in the comprehensive plan. 

In addition, CWDA spotlighted the particular vulnerability of Californians over age 50 and youth transitioning out of foster care who are especially vulnerable to economic forces beyond their control.  The 40-point plan includes several recommended investments targeted to aging Californians: $500 million in funding this year to stabilize board and care homes, and $100 million to focus Adult Protective Services’ longer-term, multi-disciplinary case management services on adults age 50-60.

Finally, CWDA echoed the Council’s acknowledgement a sustainable solution to the emergency of homelessness must address the poverty conditions underlying the crisis. To that end, the state’s Cal-EITC and SSI/SSP programs are vital homelessness prevention initiatives.

Mecca concluded, “CWDA is grateful for the leadership of Mayor Steinberg and Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and will continue to support the Council in advancing effective, and sustainable solutions.”


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