Legislature’s Bold Budget Plan Uplifts Struggling Californians and Families

Press release

Sacramento, CA – The County Welfare Directors Association (CWDA) of California released the following statement from Executive Director Cathy Senderling-McDonald on the 2021-22 fiscal year budget plan adopted by Assembly and Senate budget committees today:

“The Senate and Assembly’s bold budget plan adheres to the principles laid out by each house earlier this year, building on the Governor’s budget proposals to put vulnerable Californians and families at the center of California’s recovery.   County human services agencies are thrilled that this plan strengthens California’s approach to welfare-to-work services, supports county partnerships with families and communities to prevent not only abuse and neglect but also placement into foster care, enhances our statewide adult protection program, and makes significant investment in housing supports for Californians served by the spectrum of programs that county human services agencies administer on the state’s behalf.

“We applaud the Legislature’s thoughtful approach to lifting up individuals and families across the spectrum of need that CWDA’s members, the 58 county human services agencies, work to help every day. This budget puts forth important opportunities for all of our programs to do better – at meeting families and communities where they are, listening to and supporting them, helping them keep a roof over their heads, and combating the underlying racism, classism and inequalities in our systems and our broader society.

“As a final agreement is negotiated between Governor and his Administration and the Legislature before the constitutional deadline in just two weeks, county human services agencies hope it will include the additional opportunities to strengthen families and lift Californians out of poverty that were prioritized in today’s plan.”