2016-17: Fund Services for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC)

Budget Priority

The final 2016-17 budget agreement includes an additional $5 million General Fund on an ongoing basis to provide services to youth who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation, bringing total General Fund to $19 million. The $5 million is welcome, but is less than the $19.7 million General Fund CWDA originally requested and will be insufficient to meet the service and training requirements and needs. CSEC funding remains a possible area of future budget advocacy for us.

The pervasive problem of the sexual exploitation of children and the traumatic effects this horrific crime has on children’s lives for years after their abuse has rightly gained more attention in recent years. State and federal officials have enacted programs to begin to serve these children. In light of the new federal CSEC law and rollout of the state CSEC program, additional funding is necessary to enable counties to meet the state and federal requirements and expectations for the specialized services to be provided to this traumatized population of children.

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