Committee Chairs


Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs lead the CWDA policy and program committees, which identify and analyze issues, develop program and policy recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors, and work with state agencies to develop and implement program services. Committee chairs are appointed by the CWDA president.

Committee Chair San Luis Obispo

Devin Drake
Adult Services

Committee Chair Monterey

Elliott Robinson
Adult Services

Committee Chair Marin

Kari Beuerman

Committee Chair Placer

Linda Bridgman

Committee Chair Alameda

Lori Cox

Committee Chair Ventura

Curtis Updike

Committee Chair San Joaquin

Michael Miller
Child Care

Committee Chair Yuba

Jennifer Vasquez
Child Care

Committee Chair Yolo

Karen Larsen
Children's Services

Committee Chair Butte

Shelby Boston
Children's Services

Executive Committee Ventura

Barry Zimmerman
Fiscal Co-Chair

(805) 477-5301
Executive Committee Nevada

Mike Dent
Fiscal Co-Chair

(530) 265-1627
Executive Committee Mariposa

Chevon Kothari
Vice President at Large & Information Technology

(209) 966-2000
Executive Committee Napa

Howard Himes
Legislative Co-Chair

(707) 253-4279
Executive Committee Tulare

Juliet Webb
Legislative Co-Chair

(559) 624-8000
Committee Chair Nevada

Michael Heggarty
Medical Care

Committee Chair San Diego

Albert Banuelos
Medical Care

Committee Chair Santa Clara

Bob Menicocci
Self Sufficiency

Committee Chair Riverside

Suzan von Zabern
Self Sufficiency

Executive Committee Colusa

Elizabeth Kelly
20 Small Counties Representative

(530) 458-0250