Successful Training Outcomes Using Technology

CWDA Conference/Symposium Presentation

With limited staffing and resources for many counties, it is imperative that the training units find new and innovative ways to provide paperless training materials to staff. In a technology driven industry the move to digital training materials, such as e-Books and digital job aids that would reduce costs and time associated with printing and assembling training materials for Induction trainings, as well as provide additional tools for learners to assist in the transfer of learning. This presentation will demonstrate how to convert your training material into digital training material with the use of existing software, technology, and resources.

  • Lonetta Richardson Bryan: Staff Development Manager, County of Riverside, DPSS
  • Patricia Manzo: Supervising Staff Development Officer, County of Riverside, DPSS
  • Mary Cisneros: Staff Development Training Officer, County of Riverside, DPSS
  • Leo Ramos: Staff Development Training Officer, County of Riverside, DPSS

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