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This section includes tools and resources for county human services agencies relating to immigration, health care and public benefits under current law. County humans service agencies are fielding many calls from clients and the community regarding immigrants’ eligibility for health and other public benefits given the proposed and current Trump Administration policies. 

State and federal laws are still in effect that entitle clients to health care coverage and assistance that they are eligible to receive. CWDA and county human services agencies understand there is increased uncertainty and anxiety about information around health care and other public assistance programs that has been in the news and elsewhere. However, our hope is to help clients continue to receive the health care and other assistance families and individuals are eligible to receive today and need now under current law.

CWDA continues to work closely with our state and federal partners, including the National Immigration Law Center, Western Center on Law & Poverty, National Health Law Program, Families USA and others to ensure we share the latest information.

Resources for Counties – Developed by CWDA and County Human Service Agencies


The final rule was published on August 14, 2019 and was slated to take effect October 15, 2019, but is now on hold until the court process is completed. Several lawsuits were filed against the ruling and are currently going through the judicial system. Additionally, the California Department of Social Services has updated its lists of providers contracted with the state to provide immigration related legal services and specific public charge services.


The Trump Administration published a proposed rule on October 10, 2018 and solicited comments. Below are materials produced related to the proposed rule.


Resources for Counties – Developed by Partner Organizations

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