CWDA Statement on the California 2018-19 Budget Agreement

Press release

“CWDA is pleased with the overall 2018-19 budget picture, particularly the anti-poverty programs and measures that represent who we are as a state. This year’s budget tackles homelessness and begins to address the growing population of families experiencing the trauma of deep poverty – a phenomenon that is, quite simply, a stain on California’s reputation as the fifth-largest economy in the world.

“CWDA applauds the substantial increase of the CalWORKs grant after being below the deep poverty line for the last decade. The budget agreement puts us on the road to ending deep poverty for children in the CalWORKs program.  Our Association is also pleased to see the budget’s reversal of current law that prohibits SSI/SSP recipients from receiving CalFresh benefits. This overdue reversal provides a life-changing benefit to thousands of poor seniors and disabled adults who too often find themselves choosing between paying rent, buying food and paying for medication.  The expanded California Earned Income Tax Credit is another measure that will help lift individuals and families out of poverty with their own, hard-earned dollars. Lastly, CWDA’s proposed Home Safe grant program was included, which will allow Adult Protective Services to step in and ensure that abused or neglected seniors and dependent adults do not suffer homelessness.

“Together, these measures forge a path to help California’s most vulnerable stave off the worst effects of poverty and homelessness.”